Tonight’s TVD really felt like a filler episode where nothing truly epic happened, but wasn’t a bad episode where everything just sucked. I honestly don’t know if I actually feel this way, or if I’m just blinded by the awesomeness that was on my TV screen exactly a week ago. 

I actually don’t have that much to say here, because there just isn’t much that I care about really happening. That smug look on Damon’s face at the beginning of the episode had to be my favorite thing ever. I love that his big line was about feeling guilty, but he looks completely guilt-free to me. 

Also, I am officially shipping Klaroline. I know a lot of people will be really against this pairing, but I love it. It does bother me that I’m so flimsy about the people I ship Caroline with. I used to love Matt, then I was a hardcore Forwood shipper, and now Klaroline is just looking all sorts of perfect. This might just be because Caroline is all sorts of perfect though.

Oh, and I’m sorry, but I just can’t resist rubbing this in, how’s your holy ship looking now, Stelena shippers?! Cause mine is happily floating, undisturbed by anything, because perfect OTP is PERFECT!